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Every patient and their family members seek a doctor who is caring, experienced, confident, and skilled. These qualities make any doctor the best choice. If you are searching for such a doctor for your kidney issues, Dr. Rajesh Goel is one of the best choices in the entire country of India. Dr. Goel is a highly qualified and a very experienced nephrologist with over 18 years of fruitful contribution in his clinical career of nephrology and has actively treated and cured uncountable and varied types of kidney dysfunctions all over India.
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  • Diagnosis of the pathology with proper, least, and essential investigative procedures. Your concerns are well understood, assessed, and cared for. Before planning or prescribing any medications, all your queries will be addressed.
  • General examination for a routine check-up in old aged individuals, post chronic kidney diseases, etc.
  • The Haemodialysis unit is available with skilled professionals to take care of your wellbeing.
  • Advanced diagnostic investigations like kidney biopsy are available here.
  • Treatment for acute kidney disease, kidney stones, chronic kidney disease, tumor, renal obstructions, and all the other kidney related problems are solved by the team of the best nephrologists in India.
  • We have talented and skilled specialists carrying out kidney transplantations.
  • We tirelessly serve everyone who needs a treatment for their kidney issues 24 hours a day for 7 days a week.
  • Online consultation with well qualified doctors is the striking feature.
  • The exact treatment for your illness and quick recovery is what our services aim at.


  • We provide every patient with a team of the best doctors, nurses, technicians for the overall treatment and care of the patient.
  • Kidney specialists in our team are extremely experienced and have an astonishing result of over 98%.
  • We are the best kidney transplant hospital in Delhi with the best kidney doctors in Faridabad.
  • We have well trained paramedical staff that will take good care of the patient.
  • The clinic is hygienic and well organized.
  • Highly advanced and upgraded medical modalities for screening and investigations are available.
  • Dr. Rajesh Goel has over 45 awards for his outstanding contribution to the field of nephrology. So, he is considered one of the most approachable kidney doctors in Faridabad and in India total.
  • We keep updating the technologies that come up in medical fields such as instruments, treatment machines, and modern amenities.
  • We believe in short hospital stay which means treatment in such a way that recovery is as fast as possible.
  • Online consultation is easily available and very feasible to book on our website for free.
  • The least fees make us more affordable and efficient.
  • We have an innumerable number of happy and cured patients who have taken treatment from our team.


  • Specialist in nephrology.
  • Doctors.
  • Nurses.
  • Paramedical staff.
  • Pharmacist.
  • Nutritionist.
  • Assistant doctors or junior nephrologists.
  • Technicians.
  • Associated healthcare professionals.
  • General maintains staff.

Our Services

We provide primary care to patients who have kidney-related problems. Our goal is to treat all kinds of kidney diseases.

Kidney Transplant
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Kidney Stones
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Kidney Biopsy
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Chronic Kidney disease
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  • Doctors of our team are skilled, passionate and thriving to make the patient better soon.
  • Our professionals not only treat the disease but also treat the patient in its entirety.
  • Clinical observation, appropriate history of the patient is taken and studied, examination and assessment are the main basis of diagnosis.
  • We hence build a relationship with you that is homely yet professional which heals you quicker and also helps us understand your issue better.
  • Experience is considerable and all the staff members are well educated and trained under the best experts and seniors.
  • Patience is the key for our doctors to treat any renal dysfunction from its root cause.
  • Tailor made protocol for each patient. The individually planned treatment makes a drastic difference in recovery.

Our Stats

We have very promising statistical data for our entire team. We are honest and dedicated to what we do. 

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We assure you of the best treatment and service in the clinic and in the online consultation.

Book an online appointment for free with the best nephrologist in India. Keep your kidneys safe by consulting with the best kidney specialists of our team and getting your queries and concerns answered in your home too. Our caring hand will heal your issues and we stand with you throughout your journey until complete recovery.