Ethereum Proof-Of-Stake PoS Merge Countdown

ContentWe simplify NFT news into actionable insights every weekThe Merge is here: Ethereum has switched to proof of stakeEthereum Merge should matter to every crypto userIncentivizing ValidatorsEthereum on Proof-of-Stake: What Ethereum Hodlers Need to KnowEthereum Merge: What To Expect and How To PrepareEthereum MergeWhen did the merge happen? Ethereum’s full transition to PoS requires merging the Beacon Chain (called the “Consensus” layer) with Ethereum’s PoW mainnet (the “Execution” layer). When used in mining rigs, these cards often become obsolete in only 1.5 years, leading to increasing e-waste to add to an already frightening trend. It is designed to allow Ethereum’s network process more transactions at once and avoid bottlenecks. Ethereum 2.0, also known as Eth2, is an upgrade to the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a task as complicated as transplanting the…
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